Web Science Summer School

Why Attend?

The Web is all around us

The Web is the largest human information construct and touches almost any area of modern societies. Understanding the relations between the technical, social, economic and cultural aspects of the Web requires a base knowledge in these areas and an active exchange of people from different disciplines in this field.

Offered by the best in their fields

The yearly WSTNet Web Science Summer School provides the opportunity to gather the required knowledge and communicate with other researchers and professionals. Organisers of the summer schools get support from an experienced Steering Committee assuring the quality of the events. They are renowned experts in their field, have many years of experience in both teaching and research and belong to a broad global network that shapes the discipline of Web Science. This makes WWSSS the perfect events to gather insight into the Web and connect with other researchers and professionals.

WWSSS is non-profit

WWSSS is non-profit and participation fees are kept at a minimum to allow students from all over the world and diverse backgrounds to participate.