Web Science Summer School


The mission of WSTNet Web Science Summer School (WWSSS) is to provide its participants with a base knowledge in the core subjects of Web Science.

Web Science investigates the web from many disciplines

Web Science is the science investigating the World Wide Web as a large-scale socio-technical system. It considers the relationship between people and technology, the ways that society and technology co-constitute one another and the impact of this co-constitution on broader society. Therefore, Web Science is inherently interdisciplinary: It combines research from such diverse disciplines as computer science, social sciences, economics, or mathematics. It includes methodologies from the formal and logical to quantitative and qualitative observations and descriptions.

WWSSS is for researchers and professionals

WWSSS is intended for researchers starting out in Web Science and for professionals who wish to know more about this increasingly important topic. Many topics in both science and industry require and understanding of how the Web works. WWSSS aims to provide people from these areas with the necessary knowledge and expertise.