Web Science Summer School



Over the years, a number of Web Science related, successful Summer Schools were held at different places. In late 2015, WSTNet set forward the mission to provide coordination and continuity between these different instances. From then on, they have been joint under the label WSTNet Web Science Summer School (WWSSS) to support students to plan attendance, help graduate programmes to understand the purpose of the Web Science summer schools and for industries to retain the link between them.

Recent summer schools

 Year  Location  Host
2018 Hannover, DE L3S Research Center
2017 St. Petersburg, RU HSE and ITMO
2016 Koblenz, DE  Institute for Web Science and Technologies
2015 Southampton, UK Web Science Centre for Doctoral Training
2015 Tsinghua, CN Tsinghua University
2014 Singapore, SG National University of Singapore
2014 Southampton, UK University of Southampton
2012 Leiden, NL Lorentz Center
2011 Galway, IR Digital Enterprise Research Institute
2010 Troy, USA Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute