Web Science Summer School

General Hosting Information

Who can host a WWSSS edition?

Each single edition of WWSSS is organized and run by individual institutions, which may belong to commercial, academic or public domain. Institutions wanting to host a future edition of WWSSS can answer a yearly call for proposals.

The call for proposals

The selection of future hosts is based on an open competition. A Call for Proposals will be issued two years before each expected date of the Summer School. The call consists of two stages:

  1. An expression of interest based on a one page form, based on which the steering committee invites for full proposals.
  2. The full proposal including programme and budget.

The WWSSS Steering Committee considers all incoming bids. Evaluation criteria include the proposed Summer School hosting institution, venue, timing and location, programme, likely financial viability, and plans for organization and publicity.

Hosting a WWSSS edition

The successful institution will receive whatever advice is needed from the Steering Committee to ensure the smooth and effective running of the summer school. The institution is responsible for:

  • finances,
  • marketing,
  • web site,
  • running of the Summer School,
  • reporting to the WWSSS Steering Committee,
  • and running the call for proposals for the subsequent edition.

Once a WWSSS edition has been finished, a main organizer nominated by the hosting institution will join the Steering Committee.