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Keynotes, tutorials and project work in the following areas of Web Science: Introduction to Web Science, Multimedia analysis, Digital health and online interventions, Risky content detection online, Online gaming, Cities online, Online experiments for psychology and wider social science.


The WSTNet Web Science Summer School 2017 will be held from July 1 to July 8, 2017 at St. Petersburg, Russia.


The Summer School is the next event of the Summer School series on Web Science. It is organised by the Web Science Trust and two Universities: HSE and ITMO.

studying-703002_960_720WHAT HAPPENS AT THE SCHOOL?

The school includes lectures tackling major trends in Web Science, practical tutorials offering hands-on training in data processing, analysis and methods, team work, and opportunities to present current research.

As promotion of interdisciplinary communication and collaboration is a key goal of the school, teams will be formed of students from different disciplines. As a participant you will work on specific tasks linked to the datasets provided, and will be mentored by local instructors. All teams will present the results of their work on the last day of the school.

You will also participate in the poster session, presenting a poster about your current work. School participation is conditional upon poster submission, while obtaining the school certificate is conditional upon successful team work presentation.

The school also includes cultural and social activities, and a final day keynote lecture from a leading Russian Internet industry speaker.